The manifest of the Dancing Faun

The two most important days of your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why.


Did he really say that?
I don’t know.
And if not so I say that now again.

This research is based on an argument that ruffles the feathers of people’s common sense and psychology; this research is about that part of existing that has retreated into the invisible, but this doesn’t mean that it has ceased to exist.


This is probably not the right place to study invisibility, but nevertheless we can’t exempt ourselves from postulating the invisible reality within our existence.

Deep philosophical questions run through the relationships between the visible and the invisible. The invisible is present within sensations; the invisible is a perceived being, but no theory on perception admits its apparition.

All the same, daily life takes place around a backdrop of invisible entities; family relationships, personal success, communication with our ancestors, fear and faith and right up to the continual dealing with time that none of us have ever actually seen.


The American philosopher James Hillman, our mentor and spiritual guide, the Virgil that will accompany us on the road of the second day, identifies three bridges that bring the “non seen” into sight: mathematics, music and myth.

The origin of the world is within the myth and to live in this world requires us to live mythologically and to direct our thoughts towards our Greece; “an imaginary or mythical Greece, a Greece within the mind that is only indirectly connected with geography and concrete history”  (J. Hillman)

From here onwards it is our mythical thought, the romantic redolence of the primordial image which we are about to rejoin on the path of the second day.

The day in which destiny presents itself to us with a clear and revealing image.

Beautiful things for soul guidance All that we do we express and explore the magic and divine.

The way we explore the magic and divine is strolling around the world into the pursuit of
the ecstăsis of the New Renaissance.

We seek the ecstăsis of the New Renaissance following the traces of timeless beauty which is the modern answer to an ancient wisdom. It express an archetype, which integrates aspects of our life, it uplift our soul and gives an answer to our existence.

We just happen create artworks whose spirit is the expression of this principle.
The spirit of the Dancing Faun

If you are the kind of person who loves to be surrounded by beautiful things that guide our soul in our inner searching, then let’s start your journey.