Silenus was a deity of the forest and the foster father and loyal follower of the god Dionysus.

When Dionysus was born from the thigh of Zeus, Hermes – the messenger of the gods – took the infant and gave it to Silenus or Seilenos, a minor forest god who loved getting drunk and making wine.

Artists enjoyed depicting Silenus drunk and held up by satyrs. Popular was also the depiction of Silenus as old and covered in hair. In that form, he was known as Paposilenus.

He was also said to have played a role in wine cultivation, discovered honey, and invented the flute.

Material: bronze, lost wax casting

Dimensions: Height 62 cm x Width. 28cm x Depth 26cm
Base Dimensions: Height 5.5cm x Width. 26cm x Depth 26cm
Weight: 8 Kg
Handcrafted product