Playing Pan Pipes

Pan, the god, the dancer and incendiary, destroys the boundaries and other such matters forced upon us by the “safe-keepers” of society and art

In the classical age the Greeks associated his name with the word pan meaning “all”. However its true origin lay in an old Arcadian word for rustic.


Pan was closely identified with several other rustic deities including Aristaeus, the shepherd-god of northern Greece who shared the god’s titles of Agreus (Hunter) and Nomios (Shepherd), the pipe-playing Phrygian satyr Marsyas who challenged Apollon to a musical contest, and Aigipan, the goat-fish god of the constellation Capricorn. Sometimes Pan was multiplied into a host of Panes, or a triad of gods named Agreus, Nomios, and Phorbas.

Material: Bronze, lost wax casting
Base: Bronze, lost wax casting
Dimension: Height 71 cm x Width. 36 cm x Depth 24.5 cm
Base: 18 cm
Weight 14 kg