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The soul of objects

“Objects have the ability to plant themselves in the soul and then

The Panama: Vampires, Cocoa and Roosevelt

The image of a Panama hat is indisputably recognized around the world. It is one of the few things that transcends a style or a trend, which can be seen on runways as well as on farmers, it is a symbol of both class and functionality and ubiquitous in all romantic narratives of travel and exploration. The hat is more than apparel; it tells the story of centuries of adventure, politics, art, elegance and labour.

Bruce Chatwin’s little Wunderkammer

“There is no road”, said Machado, “because the road is made by walking”. Bruce Chatwin seems to have followed this motto. His was a journey in pursuit of beauty, and objects were his driving force.

Nureyev e la sirena

Se Partenope tornasse nelle sue penne dove si recherebbe? E in quale