Unveiling the Quest for the Second Day: The Alchemy of Myth and Reality

In the intimate confines of these pages, one will not find a scientific treatise, nor a claim of authority akin to a grand novel resonating with the charm of Gatsby’s dandyism. Instead, they reveal themselves as fragments of an enigmatic voyage, laid out on a map yet to be drawn. Embracing the wisdom of Mark […]

The Music of Life: Pachelbel and Mozart

In 1993, an article dedicated to the so-called “Mozart effect” appeared in the journal Nature. American physicists Rauscher, Shaw, and Ky published an experimental study in which Mozart’s Sonata for Two Pianos in D Major, K 448, was believed to have evident benefits for human spatial skills. The theory made headlines, though often oversimplified, and […]


The map is considered to be a masterpiece of 18th century cartography. The map which is on a scale of 1:3.808, is formed by 35 copper plates engraved by Giuseppe Aloia Gaetano Cacace, Pietro Campana and Francesco Lamarra, and covers an area from Capodimonte all the way to Bagnoli, Nisida and Portici. The engraving Molds […]

Timeless Elegance: The Legendary Neapolitan Jacket

In the heart of the enchanting streets of Naples, amidst winding alleyways and centuries of history, lies a sartorial treasure unique in the world: the Neapolitan jacket. This piece of clothing is much more than mere attire; it is a work of art, an inscription in the history and culture of this timeless city. The […]

The Journey from Seeds to Tables

When America was discovered, the revolution of new plant species was very slow: potatoes, corn, beans, and tomatoes were imported, contributing to a change in diet that was not too fast but unstoppable. However, it took about three centuries. Initially, it was the beauty of plants, flowers, and fruits, for the wonder they aroused when […]

The Excellence of Neapolitan Gloves

The history of gloves begins mythologically with the invention of the Graces: summoned by Venus, who had injured her hands, they sewed bandages around her fingers. They existed in Egypt, and in the Odyssey, Laertes uses them to work in the fields, which the Romans borrowed from barbarian peoples. In the Middle Ages, a glove […]

The contemporary “Grand Tour”

In the silence of these country roads, where the sun slows down in its descent behind the hills, I find myself reflecting on the journey. Not the journey of kilometers traveled, or places visited, but that intimate journey, a path into the depths of the soul that often takes place without taking a step. The […]

The Chambers of Wonders: Journey into Enchantment and Mystery

Man and his insatiable desire for wonder: a story that spans millennia, painting a palette of emotions and curiosity. Since ancient times, humanity has succumbed to the attraction of collecting objects, sometimes for survival, other times to chase that unique emotion that only the inexplicable can bestow. Here lies the essence of the Wunderkammer, the […]

Suon suarè

It is not uncommon for, without warning, in a crowded street, at an airport, or in a shopping place, the gazes of two strangers to intersect, giving rise to a sense of familiarity and potential, which often translates into an irresistible urge to approach or start a conversation. However, this fleeting perception dissipates almost instantly, […]


It was a cloche hat, delicately crafted from hemp knit, with a grosgrain ribbon and a matching flower. It spoke of warm and distant places, where skilled hands had turned it into a work of art, only to surrender it and place it in that faraway window, on an anonymous street in a city of […]