Vincent Montecristo

Life is a buffet of unstoppable moments: The golden bough, the aroma of coffee and other wonderfully superfluous observations.

As Auden says, part of the reason you are interested in my biography is for the phenomena through which the world entices me.

It is from there that my works are created; from that to which I am attracted. It is from there that my inquisitive roaming begins and it is there that the “me” you seek is to be discovered. My name is Vincent Montecristo.

I am a flaneur. When I saunter I explore the world, I enjoy myself, I probe places and crowds.

I am in quest of beauty in all its forms and pursue this mission through travel, art and collecting. I travel the world in search of Wunderkammer, curiosity cabinet pieces.

My fervour lies in finding objects that have a story to tell.

I expropriate the quality, origin, era and restoration of every piece.

I know how to understand the worth of desiring ownership of an object. And I know how to help an enthusiast in the choice of their object, which means capturing the calling behind that desire. It is a matter of fact that every object reveals its uniqueness in a personal way, it is never anonymous.

+49 174 322 97 99

Via Li Candidi in Furore, 2 Amalfi Coast (Italy)